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The Believers Concert Band


The Believers Concert Band is a diverse group with a common interest - music. The band was founded in 2002 by Dr. Lee Martin and co-founders, Bill Clements, Dr. John Darden, Muryle Shoemaker, and Richard Petty. The group has grown from five people with an interest in forming a community band to the current group of fifty-five talented musicians.


The membership includes middle, high school and college students, and adults who have not played an instrument since they were high school students. There are five beginners, who at age 60+ decided to learn an instrument. The majority of the members are from GFUMC and others come from area churches. We are all united in Christian principles.


The goals of the Believers Concert Band state that we use music to bring glory to God, our church and families, and bring joy to each other as we refresh the spirits of those that hear us. We want to extend an opportunity to others to play with us and join the fun! Providing support among our members is also an important mission.


Our musical repertoire includes sacred, gospel, swing, rock and roll, pop, light classical and show tunes. Playing a variety of music keeps interest high, both among members and audience. We welcome suggestions from our listeners.


The conductor, Richard Petty, is a former high school band director. He earned bachelor and master degrees from Murray State University and taught for nine years. His band competed and traveled from Chicago to Miami and represented the state of Kentucky in Washington, D.C., at the inaugural parade of President Lyndon Johnson.

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Using Music as a Vehicle to Have Fun Again

Refresh the Spirits of the Players

Refresh the Spirits of the Listeners

Give to the Community

Enjoy Christian Fellowship

News from The Believers Band

Musical Gratitude

I just got off the phone with Tommy Sherron. Tommy is one of my former trombone players that I taught some fifty five years ago. Tommy calls three or four times a year just to talk. Almost every time Tommy calls, he tells me how much he has enjoyed learning how to play his horn, he usually tells me about other former students and how his church and the community are developing in their musical efforts. He plays in his church orchestra, in the newly formed community band and in a polka band. This Christmas, he and three other brass players are going to the hospital to play for the children.

I am fortunate to be able to say that Tommy is not the only former student that keeps in contact or who still play their instrument.

As I reflect on the Christmas season, I am thankful for the gift of music, the opportunity to direct the Believers Band, to play my trombone again and to associate with such great people.

Now we look forward to a new season of making music. I look forward to opportunities to increase our enjoyment and fun playing our instruments together, as well as the fun we will have moving to the next level.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you taught us and for the opportunity to play an instrument without choking up. "- Tommy

It is difficult for me to look back on what we have accomplished and the friendships we have made without getting choked up. What a nice gift!

I look forward to a fantastic 2015.

Richard L. Petty
The Believers Concert Band

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Ron Evans as Sousa

2014 Spring Concert

Thanks to Jimmy Adams and Ron Foster
for the recordings